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Our business-friendly solutions are framed around creative work planning and the utilisation of trendy capital equipment.
Our solutions are designed to each building, but highly emphasis on:-

  • Integrated work planning and attendance valuation
  • Personnel-work approach with intrusive work designs to maximise work productivity.
  • Minimising labour with the help of capital equipment investments.
  • Steady field-based supervision approach

Our management model is erected such that all sites, large or small, are competently managed with similar procedures and passivity.
Our business includes an entire range of locations and small sites. Don’t stray away due to:-

  • Impulsive mobile support & supervision approach
  • Aggressive work patterns to enhance staff productivity
  • Specific/unusual tasks work-ticketed for affirmation and audit
  • Attendance Verification with the use of GPS systems
  • Periodic central management inspection of sites

Enable our team to frame customised solutions for you, framed around one contact point
Multi-Sites offices portfolios traditionally lay down the rules of standard needs. We highly emphasis on consistency delivery service:

  • Single desk for your accounts
  • Fully endorsed in executing national programs of works
  • Integrated delivery and flexible approach across all sites
  • Predetermined confined services delivery approach in order to enhance your building sites through feasible sites solutions

Expertise Office Cleaning.

We deliver our customised office cleaning solution to Small, Large or Multi-site Offices across Melbourne.

We are allied in commercial cleaning and facility services management. Neither of the work is too complicated, too isolated, too big or too small.

Either you possess small office or single retail outlet, a multi-level building or a multi-site organisation; we retain solutions, competencies, and adaptivity to meet your diversified facility service needs.

Our organisation is tied up to professionalism and precision. We are proud of being reliable, accountable and organised.

Our committed team members are not simply trained and experienced but they even sustain ownership of your projects, and emphasis on delivering the feasible solutions for you. We are efficient and capable to deliver committed results.

We aim to work with you together in order to comprehend your needs and design customized solutions and then we turn out to deliver what we have endorsed.

We took a long time in empowering staff, set up systems and bring about leading technologies to ensure that we are continuously available, responsive and efficient in delivering what we said

Customised Commercial Services.

We offer a structured work-plan to centralised the commercial cleaning services. With a team of dedicated & experienced commercial cleaners, One Solution is specialised in providing World-class Commercial Cleaning Solutions.

One Solution provide economical results wither the service is needed for a day or on a managed attendance cycle.
Our broad range of products includes:-

  • Not simply your building-site cleaner-We maintained skilled team and equipment to manage periodically work packages within the scope of comprehensive service packages.
  • We are capable to invest in economical equipment to expel the service cost for your buildings.
  • Responsive work can be demanded through our Contact Centre and a network of mobile support vans.

Retail stores usually retain integrated- service model along with retail staff looking after inventory and retail presentation whereas contractors deals take care of more individualized tasks and amenities. Our solutions have included:

  • Integrated work planning of day-to-day operation to assure that budgets of the stores are allocated to receive the highest money value
  • Specifically planned attendance on weekly, monthly and quarterly cycles fetch additional skills and equipment to the site for the sake of delivering high profile tasks such as window washing, pressure washing, dust suppression, and cob webbing.
  • Exquisite investments in economical capital equipment to exclude service cost for your needs.

A key factor of a retail chain is consistent business branding, great strategies, and advance merchandised technologies. From this perspective, One Solution can support retail store networks with a similar standardised manner to facility services, delivering consistent servicing, compliance, and consequences with a single point of contact.

Most of the small retail stores will receive regular cleaning for our internal staff, but frequent consideration to the nourishment of building components such as flooring, washrooms, and scrubbing can be the crucial factors of a retail chain’s brand image. We usually work with our clients to determine the standard preventative maintenance program, and then assure t deliver planned service on the well-planned schedule to maximise money value.

One Solution localised staff permits us to deliver these customised work-related packages nationally through a single access point.

Retail Property Needs.

We offer a wide range of flexible services in retail sector where you can sit back & let us do the job. The key factor of retail cleaning is ‘attention focused’.

One Solution is your multi-functional center concerning to deliver integrated and accountable cleaning and facility maintenance service for Corporate, Multistoried Residential Blocks, Commercial/Offices, Events & Public Venues, Retail, Industrial, Hospitality, Medical, and Education sectors.

Responsive Management

  • Our certified, skilled, professional cleaners payout consistent attentiveness to your space even when you are out somewhere

Reliable Service

  • We are industrial cleaners and look out for details. You would prefer us to hire in cleaning your home.

Quality Cleaners

  • Our teams of highly skilled and professional cleaners are available to cater to your business in ethical standards.

We create refreshingly clean spaces, So you can create an incredibly happy work environment

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