Aged Care Center Cleaning

If you need aged care cleaner of the national level; ensure hiring aged care organizations that perform a tremendous job as auditors usually appreciate your cleaning services offered to the clients.

With extensive years of cleaning experience, One Solution ensures to provide economical and environment-friendly aged-care services. Your site executive will perform quality inspections once in a week and cleaning audits once in a month against the scripted cleaning agenda for your site with an effort to ensure that your quality requirements are 100% maintained. Our personal quality control methods assure that any evolving queries are easily picked up before they come into existence.If you want any queries or emergency cleaning crises to be deeply considered then let us know. We assure to address those issues immediately (addressing your issues in 4 hours is assured)

Our cleaning procedures are supported by ISO triple certification which implies that we operate the proven methodology quality management system to handle your age care cleaning needs.

We comprehend that a healthy living environment is necessary for older persons and elderly people staying in elder-care and they require more comfort and care to assure that the convalescent hospital is maintained in an impeccable state. Our cleaners ensure to continue their work without interrupting the normal routine of the aged care inhabitants, lactating mother and related medical personnel who work for them.

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