Child Care Center Cleaning

Parents hand over their children to your everyday for their care and in return you are depended on your cleaner to ensure that child day-care centre is quite secure, immaculate and responsive.

Having extensive years of experience in offering wide array of child day care cleanings service, we are well comprehend with the approach which implies that we are acquainted with where to look out for a hoof marks, granules and every little precious astonishments that your relatives left behind.

Children are strange souls and can collect dust form almost anywhere from the surface. They wish to play in clean surroundings that fulfil their family expectations of cleanliness you can offer.

Professional cleaners will enter upon every part of a place to enhance the same level of hygiene that we may use in hospitals, medical shops or senior citizens services

The key values that run our services are:

  • Effectiveness
  • Peculiarity
  • Accuracy

Professional Cleaning child-care services incorporates:=

  • Stain Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Constant Lavatory cleaning
  • Windowpane cleaning
  • External area claiming and maintenance
  • Cleaning desk and working desk

Disinfection Method

We use toxic free solution while sanitising floors, walls and material to dispose of any footmarks of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. We also make sure that no debris remains on any area.

Newborns and Toddlers playing toys

Child most often uses toys to play and it should be sanitised and washed properly. Our professional cleaners sanitised and wash the children toys with cleaning liquid in an effort to kill harmful bacteria that can destroy the skin of child when come in contact Playing and Napping Zones.

Playing and Sleeping surroundings

We wash carpets, bed sheets and cushions, bed pillow and dry-cleaning clothes to prevent bacterial and other harmful substances that may cause itching and sensitiveness when applied.


For restroom, we make sure that lavatory, washing sink, chairs and floor are sanitised and washed. Bath towels and mattress are also kept in laundry.


We also consider kitchen space where food is been cooked. We ensure that each gas stoves, microwaves, combustors and other electrical kitchen appliances are sanitised and washed. Tableware are also steamed and washed again and to kills harmful bacteria

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