Commercial Cleaning

A well-structured work plan is crucial to our regular commercial cleaning services. The specific portion of our building required regular observation; others may require weekly or monthly. A well-planned scope of work for your facility permits observations to be given by zone at the precise number to make sure that the time utilised in cleaning your site required maximum efforts.

Our business plan is primarily divided into three individual sections and each retains distinct management procedures, equipment requirements, and costing. Maintaining the balance at the exact time of setting up implies that we made efforts to enhance the business value of our clients.

Ensure to understand your requirements:

The ordinary building retains an innumerable task that is required to be initiated to maintain well. Decomposing this complex web into managed work streams is crucial to One Solution’s approach and acquiring the basic entitlements from the beginning.

Daily Cleaning

Traditional routine cleaner, strongly emphasized tasks, High productivity per sqm.

Pro Equipments

Mobile van managed by a local supervisor and trained staff, Quality Management and respondent

Dedicated Personnel

Proficient and specialized personnel with overpricing equipment. After business hours of attendance, Comprehensive planning, and logistic


Our supervisors are assisted by Head Office and our Operations Managers. Besides their positions, the Regional Operations Manager retains enough resources to bring into play when required especially for occasional works, most probably at the time professional skills are required.

Work along within a team

Our supervisors are deliberately foreseen to operate within our team along with our cleaners. This is probably crucial in facility service where usually an individual employee can service a site for a long duration. We ensure that they are visited, supported, trained, and aware of their boss and become a part of the larger team

Locally Available

We arrange our business to make optimal use of local availability of supervisors to make sure that they retain the privilege to substantially react during the day issues arise

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