Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

While the world grapples with the Corona Virus menace, one single thing well understood by all is that prevention is the best form of cure in this case. Washing, dusting and disinfecting offices and homes is vital. After all, lives may depend on it. We at One Solution use medically proven way to assure that your premises remain free from the virus.

Our strategy of deep cleaning well understands that transmission of the virus can well happen through touching infected surfaces. It may include door knobs, light switches, remote controls, handles, mobile phone screens and almost anything that comes under regular use. Therefore, the novel corona virus may not only spread through respiratory droplets alone.

Deep cleaning or sanitation of the premises is vital to safe guard, you, your family and office staff members. Our sanitation experts at One Solution are available at all times to ensure that your health remains the priority. We serve you even on short notices realising the urgency of the situation.

The deep cleaning and sanitation of your premises comes with a full report of the activities carried out. Your assurance in this hour of emergency is our prime concern. Choose from daily and weekly sanitation options especially of the common touch points.

Specialist COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation

Professional cleaning companies are now filled with requests for deep cleaning and sanitisation. It involves diving into the forgotten nooks and crannies to snare dust and virus carrying particulate. It is something that only expert professionals can accomplish successfully.

Consider deep cleaning an obsessive agenda for One Solution. In this hour of health crisis, our services of sanitisation of your premises are highly recommended. It is the only fool proof way to counter this health hazard.

In accordance with the directives from the Australian Government, we deep clean your office premises and protect you and your employees from any health issue. Our international reputation and triple ISO accreditation in commercial cleaning is testimonial of our experience and expertise. With One Solution, you have the assurance of professionalism and a medically safe and healthy environment at your work place

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