Education, Schools & Early Childhood Centres

Academic institution is laborious service with maintenance employees diverging radically from room to room

The broad-array of classrooms and properties that layout latest education services can addresses the challenges in delivering cost-effective and first-rate quality services

Big complexes retain various areas requiring high-yield and cost effective cleaning services. However, accuracy is required to assure that delicate rooms such as research institutes, delicate surface such as hardwood floors in sports venues are given required approach to ensure that the entire building receives appropriate maintenance packages. Whereas there are few similarities across the sectors, pre-primary and nursery centre may retain distinct approach where the much emphasis paid on restrooms and immaculate surface to avoid spreading of germs.

One Solution professionals are competent to deliver cleaning facilities to nationwide universities, colleges, schools and other academic institutions. These big properties ask for professional cleaning functional manager to develop a development plans and carry out planned day-to day operations systems operated by our squad to assure that broad-array of liaisons are controlled. One of the major components of our strategy is to perform regular deep cleaning even during school holidays which may circumvent inconvenience to employees, students and visitors.

Moreover, One Solutions’ firmness in security pass management and our wide-range of quality affirmations make us reliable and trusted partners for universities in this sector.

We usually cater the needs of

  • Non-Governments schools
  • Elementary educations and Nurseries
  • Tertiary-level universities
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