End of Lease Cleaning

When a tenant moves forward, whether commercial or Residential, space is required to be cleaned before passing on to the landlord/agent. Every single stakeholder has accountability when leases get to the end

 As a tenant, you are accountable to rehabilitate the tenancy in operating conditions based on the lease obligation

As a landlord, you can take One Solution into employment and carry off the last scrub to ensure that it is well prepared for the next tenant

Our quality systems signify that we can execute this task individually and deliver our clients with photographic evidence of the property condition prior and after the cleaning has been carried out.

When it comes to the end of your tenancy, it is vital to make sure that you do as much as you can to leave the property in excellent condition.

Failing to execute this implies that your leasing agent may unfold some or in some cases, all) your entire deposit to rectify your flaws.

Changing premises is always a busy time, so let us simplify the process by ensuring that the property is left in good condition

Essential tasks include:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • General surface cleaning and vacuuming
  • Deep bathroom scrubbing and cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning, specifically inside cupboards
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Rubbish and/or old furniture removal
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Internal and external window cleaning
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