Paper Products

Our online store retains varied alternatives for pacing a valid range of paper products reliable for your washroom

Compressors and refuels of the varied range of lavatory paper and napkins are available at our disposal with their cost/benefit results.

 The wise thing about quality implies that the collection which has been made centres on:-

  • Efficiency (Normally single-ply)
  • Conventional / Ordinary(Normally2 ply)
  • Richness (3 plies, massive papers)
  • Ecological impacts (Normally decomposable products)

Explore our online store for more detail on pricing and incentives. Don’t hesitate to talk about your wholesale account with our customer service team

If you are string along with our Services as a usual cleaning client, then we can consider the alternative of handling a consumables program.

Our personnel will uplift orders for your restroom essentials and the cost will be included in your monthly billing. Contact our team about these alternatives.

Normal Toilet Rolls

We usually rely on paper quality and size:

  • 400 sheets each roll
  • 700 sheets each roll
  • Full-size lavatory rolls is unsuitable for some lavatory roll holders

Toilet Paper for high number of usage

  • Where utilisation of substantial volume or less routine service periods,few alternatives are::
  • Colossal Lavatory rolls (even provided in dual-colossal)
  • Interlocked multifold roll holding device
  • Packaged interlinked tissues

Paper Towel

Range of paper towel prevails in distinct size to accommodate easily in distinct compressors

  • The foremost alternatives are almost paper quality & format:
  • Interlinked dispensing
  • Centre table roll design
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