Public Area Cleaning

One Solution delivers comprehensive and vicarious public area cleanings services for resorts and apartments of varied sizes and rankings. We facilitate the range of services to our clients including extensive facility maintenance and public area cleaning facilities.

This incorporates maintain every lobby and public area services such as restrooms, Front desk, balcony, drawing rooms and nearby area of the telephone in orderly conditions. This is extended to even cleaning surface areas, carpets windows, etc. Accuracy is the heart of the way we deliver our services.

Accuracy is crucial when considering cleaning facilities because every small thing emphasis the major of the public area cleaning facilities. We assure you to immaculate comprehensive public area cleaning in a specified manner while adopting standard working methods.

One Solution is equipped with an extensively trained and skilled workforce, managers and managing homemakers who are highly committed and steadily make an effort to achieve top-notch quality services and fulfillment of customer’s requirements. Our service includes the flowing:-

  • Make sure to scrub all carpets and floors
  • Steadily examine every corridors and restroom.
  • Detect suction cleaners requirement in heavy crowded areas
  • Maintain the exterior side of front desk immaculately
  • Broom every exit and entry areas including stairs
  • Ensure that furniture, mirrors, ground, elevators, ash pits are spotless and immaculate
  • Scrub every boundary of walls, chairs, benches and file wardrobe.
  • Scrub and sanitized drinking reservoir
  • Remove the spills from the floors
  • Whisk and moist premises and stairs
  • Ensure to collect all the material including lavatory tissues, soaps and napkins lying in your restroom

Public area cleaning is crucial and delicate sectors as they captivate slave traffic in a substantial amount. Maintaining a public area or even other place implies excavating dirt which is not thought of pleasure time of the world at large.

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