Retail Cleaning

Retail environments are heavily crowded areas and usually cause sophistication by having customers, workforce and agents on the workplace at the same time.

These surrounding implies that public responsibilities are major issues, makes functional capability a necessity in operating service delivery to the industry.

One Solution flexible strategies make us credible agent for the retail sector, either shopping complex landowners or retailer’s functioning network of departments

One Solution facilitates feasible results either service is needed across the day or on a maintained working cycle.

Our broad array of alternatives includes:

  • Not merely your own personal cleaner-Our workforce are highly trained and retains necessary equipments in maintain regular job assortments within a framework of comprehensive service packages.
  • We care highly capable to invest in economical equipments with a view to exercise the service cost of your buildings.
  • For the housekeeping centre where internal shopping centre does not exist, we work collaboratively with our clients for equipping mobile attendance system all the way to the end for repairment of communal facilities
  • Reactive work approach can be demanded through our customer care centre.
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