Sanitary Services

Sanitary bins for female safety and Nappy waste are a major component for a well-tended commercial washroom

Our classy sanitary layout in the varied designs.They are made with top-quality plastic and equipment to facilitate with a glossy finish

Our substitute liners are of high quality when it comes to service your sanitary bins. They are completely eco-friendly liners and degrade in the waste disposal sites. Neither it leaves destructive garbage nor does it minimise carbon imprints. Even the liners are fertilised with aroma suppressor which implies that we are not required to include additional chemicals to restore fragrance

This is sluggish, as sanitary bins made with low-grade plastics and equipment can facilitate with an uneven surface where bacteria can grow rapidly. This yields the results of an inferior service and can even make your sanitary bins life shorter.

These bin liners develop best odour fragrance results and can even lengthen the duration of your bin. Economical procedures making use of inferior quality  bin liners along with the  crystals lies in the lowermost of the bin, implies that productivity decreased with the frequent usage of bins as crystal gets concealed. Odour features retains for a long period as longer as effective substitute are present in the bin liner from start to finish. This can be especially helpful on sites that do not require frequent servicing, probably producing minimum visitors requirements and accordingly minimising a complete ecological impact.

Small Sized Sanitary Bin

Optimum for the limited area
Alternatives for:-

  • Hand -Operated Lids
  • Automatic lids for safety
  • Not compatible for the larger quantity due to less storage space

Manual Lid Sanitary Bin

Alternatives for:-

  • Hand-operated lids
  • Automatic lids for safety
  • Streamlined elongated design that will be perfectly fit inside your cubicle
  • In accord with first-rate bin liners that suppress fragrance

Nappy Bins

  • Highly competent bins to accommodate intoxicated wastes
  • Trendy design
  • Internal covering to cover up the waste

Fragrant Liners

  • Odour fragrant liners infused with a gel that keeps the bin gleeful for a long time.
  • Oxo-degradable plastic
  • Well-suited with sanitary bins
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