Windows Cleaning

Our mobile vans are regularly maintaining windows across Melbourne by using a diverse range of techniques.
There is an art lies behind a good window cleaning, and our professional use various methods to achieve the optimum results
The feasible strategy is to make use of the simplest rubber blade, but experience conveys quality results. While cleaning the roofs, we prefer to make use of the water fed pole system that permits our staff to carry out the work safely from a ground level.
We can support with internal facing window panes, internal partition glass or external facing windows
Our window cleaners operating at a ground level will make use of a lamb wool pad to saturate and wash-out the dirt from the window. Post this, they will make use of a quality rubber blade that reduces staining use used by professionals.
Our every worker is constantly trained in health and safety procedures, and even perceives OH&S procedures while working with ladders and heights

We retain solution incredibly difficult to reach the high window

Our water-fed poles are feasible for second storey building and incredibly difficult to reach high windows. The steadfast flow of water implies that is only beneficial for outdoor use

They can even be utilised to execute solar panel cleaning on roofs to make sure that photovoltaic cells are generating the maximum output instead of been restrained by the storage of dirt.

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